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Ray Saunders

   Born and raised in Western Colorado and reared on literature – particularly poetry and the Beat Generation – Ray managed to finagle an interesting-but-useless degree in Linguistics, including a passing familiarity with Russian, German and Japanese as well as the ability to embarrass himself in Chinese. That done, he migrated to New York City and spent fifty years doing cutting-edge work on IBM® mainframes.

   Not content with the high-tech world, he took full advantage of his good luck in living in Greenwich Village during the 1960s and acquired an insatiable appetite for Folk Music, hippies, more poetry, Leftist politics and counter-culture attitudes.

   In addition to poetry, he has penned (computered?) a couple of novels and has more in progress, as well as plans for Serious Writing when he can spare the time from weaving, blogging, tinkering with computers and playing with his great-grandchildren.